About Us

The story behind Milk DiapersĀ® illustrates the old saying, "necessity is the mother of invention." Felicia Gowrylow is the mother of five children, ages 23 to 40.

When nursing her firstborn, Felicia had trouble with milk leaking. Disposable nursing pads, as well as many washable ones, were unsatisfactory because of their nipple-mashing flat shape, unbreathable plastic moisture barrier, or inadequate moisture retention. After several cases of mastitis, Felicia designed and sewed her own washable cotton breast pads when her second child was born 38 years ago.

Based on independent market testing after her 25 year old was born. She'd heard of other women having the same problems, so she went into business producing and marketing her now-patented design for a softly-contoured, all-cotton milk pad.

Felicia has redesigned the pattern and improved it further over the past 30 years. She calls them "Milk Diapers," now a trademarked name, because they are made of non-treated cotton diaper fabrics.

Her unique design gives the milk a place to go and uses a cross-over dart to draw moisture into the rest of the pad. "My interest," says Felicia, "is in having women feel more comfortable with nursing and in developing stronger mothering skills."

Her quality breast pads seem to be filling a need because many of her retailers reported that Milk DiapersĀ® quickly became their top-selling pad and individual customers often came back to repurchase. They are available in white, natural, white or cream lace or black front.

Felicia also makes a pad with a moisture guard layer backing, including a 5-layer pad with a pretty lace front covered barrier.

The quality care and production of Milk DiapersĀ® is tended by homebased mothers, all who share special memories with their children. Each nursing pad and any apparel item is handled individually and checked with concern for craftsmanship and comfort.

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