Product Testimonials

"We offer 7 choices in washable nursing pads. The Milk Diapers quickly became our best selling pad."
Carrie W, Retail Breastfeeding Store in SLC, Utah

"Dear Milk Diapers, I am so pleased you are still in business. I have worn you through leaky times with 3 children thus far - plus, my girlfriend borrowed them when she had her first child. So, enclosed is an order for her, myself (just to have extra - not because they've worn out; they haven't), and my next-door neighbor, who's due any day. Please keep me on your mailing list...I'll need you again when my sister(s) get pregnant! Keep up the good work!"
Helene Tezak, Michigan

"Thank you! What wonderful personal attention. I am buying my sister in law nursing supplies for her baby shower and Milk Diapers nursing pads have taken me through two wonderful nursing experiences. I wouldn't get her anything else!"

"I have really enjoyed and appreciated the design and quality of your product. Thank you! ps: I am still happily nursing our 1 year old son - thanks for making it easier!
Sincerely yours," Barbara Cox