Nursing Pads

MILK DIAPERS® nursing pads are softly contoured 100% breathable cotton pads. They soak in the leaks without unhealthy plastics.

MILK DIAPERS® are made of pre-washed, untreated fabric to promote healthy breastfeeding.
The patented darted design allows for air flow for good nipple care.Their slim design becomes part of the bra.

The highly absorbant fabric allowing you to wear knits, sweaters and silks. MILK DIAPERS® are kind to the environment; the best quality in washable pads!

What's the difference in MILK DIAPERS® 4/5 layer pads and MILK DIAPERS® Moisture Guard Pads?
Moisture Guard Pads consist of a 5-layer pad to absorb, plus a layer of terry backed polyurethane laminate which allows moisture and air to evaporate through its porous nature. The 4/5 layer regular nursing pads soak in the leaks with breathable cotton but do not have the terry backed polyurethane laminate.

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