Combo/Sampling Nursing Pad Packs

Combo/Sampling Nursing Pad Packs
Nursing pads may be a small item, but they are significant in the comfort and success of your breastfeeding. These Sampling packs are quickly becoming a popular purchase. Each pack offers a selection of 4 layer and 5 layer pads along with 2 moisture guard. Why be the same every day? Your nursing experience changes constantly, so why not be ready with a variety that allows you to pick what works best for you - or just match your mood! The pads can still be doubled for greater protection should the need arise, but easy to wash, and slim enough to dry easily and wear confidently.
The pack of 6 pads offers 2 5-layer white, 2 cream lace covered 4-layer pad and 2 moisture guard.
The pack of 8 includes 2 regular 4-layer white pads, 2 5-layer natural unbleached, 2 white lace covered 4-layer natural pads and 2 moisture guard.
The combo pack contains 4 regular 4-layer white pads with 2 moisture guard, so you are ready for any occasion. A good selection for basic everyday and night needs. And a good value, too.
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Combination Pad Pack (4-Layer & Moisture Guard)
Combo 6 Pad Pack consists of four 4-layer white pads and two moisture guard pads.   ..
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Nursing Pad Carry/Travel Bag (white)
Do take caution and do not leave the dampened pads in the bag for more than a couple hours. The pads..
Sampling 6 Pad Pack (5-Layer, 4-Layer Lace, & Moisture Guard)
Sampling 6 Pad Pack consists of two 5-layer white pads, two cream lace covered white pads, and two m..
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Sampling 8 Pad Pack (All Styles)
Sampling 8 Pad Pack consists of two 4-layer white pads, two 5-layer natural pads, two white lace cov..
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