Sampling 8 Pad Pack (All Styles)

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Sampling 8 Pad Pack consists of two 4-layer white pads, two 5-layer natural pads, two white lace covered pads, and two moisture guard pads.

(birdseye weave is a Fair Trade Certified/Green product).

Perfect selection for a gift or when you want to try out different styles of the pads before making your final choice.

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Nursing Pad Selection Guide For Milk Diapers®

We’re often asked, “Why all the varieties? Can you tell me what are the differences and how they compare?”

By responding to inquiries and preferences from customers, Milk Diapers® now offers several nursing pad versions. This listing is designed to help you select which one(s) might be right for you. All pads are made using our patented crossover dart.


4 Layer Pads:

The regular white nursing pad is constructed with 4 layers of 100% cotton birdseye diaper cloth and 100% cotton diaper flannel; Chosen because the natural fiber fabric has minimal processing and no added chemical finishes. Average 4 7/8” diameter. Works just fine for most women with average or light leakage.

The natural pad uses unbleached birdseye and unbleached flannel: Less, if any, processing and no finishes. Nice coloring subdues under white shirts.

The black front is the 4th layer using cotton interlock or jersey. We cover a white pad because dyes used in the black flannel interfere with absorbing. It can be worn either way out – black or white.


4 Layer Lace Pads:

The white or teacream lace variety offers a pretty feminine touch as well as the extra friction from the irregular surface. The lace covers a 4 layer white contoured pad.

*All pads can be doubled when needed for periods of really heavy leaking.



5 Layer Pads:

The 5-layer white or natural has one more layer of birdseye, which leaves it breathable, absorbs a significant amount more to be useful, and still stays slim – yet, remains easy to wash and dry.

The Pink front uses a 5th layer of colored 100%cotton gauze to cover a white pad. This is also a natural low-processed fabric. The coloring can also subdue white shirts besides being pretty.

*While a single pad absorbs enough to satisfy most of the time, All natural fabrics have a saturation point. With these pads and design, you will find that the entire pad will soak in moisture (wicking) but must be replaced with a dry pad before it has no other alternative but to seep into your clothing. Some women find they can double the pads (either 4 or 5 layer) and change the inner pad periodically. We’ve also found that heavy leaking can be periodic and this allows you flexibility; to have a thick pad when you need it, but have the freedom to switch back to the slimmer pad when you are not leaking as much. (And no puffing up in the center because the pad is so thick that it can’t dry in the dryer.)


Moisture Guard:

The moisture guard pads were in answer to heavier leaking, nights, or just wanting to feel more secure. Each pad uses a 5-layer white pad to absorb and a cover of a terry backed polyurethane laminate that allows pore-like air flow to keep it comfortable. A layer of white or cream lace (according to what is available) completes the front to provide a good gripping surface over the laminate and to make it pretty. Diameter 4 ¾ - 4 7/8”

The XL moisture guard provides more surface area to absorb and has worked successfully for heavy leaking. Again, the 5-layer pad uses the patented contour and forms to your breast without adding pressure. 5 ¾” diameter.

*For the best environment, it is recommended that you combine an order of Moisture guard pads with some of the regular 4 or 5 layer or lace front type.